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We are booking the bands listed below for single shows, tours and festivals. If you're interested in doing a concert with one of them, send us a  mail.

  • Defeated Sanity

    Defeated Sanity

    Defeated Sanity (Berlin, Hamburg, Leer / GER) was formed in 1994 and since then developed it's own unique style inspired by the 90's US Death Metal bands. After releasing a couple of demos and splits on various small labels the band teamed up with Grindethic Records to release their first two albums "Prelude To The Tragedy" (2004) and "Psalms Of The Moribund" (2007) which established them as a promising newcomers to the international Death Metal scene. "Chapters Of Repugnance" is the title of their newest effort unleashed in May 2010 via Willowtip. In 2011, the band will be part of Gorgasm's 5-week European tour.

  • Poppy Seed Grinder

    Poppy Seed Grinder

    Poppy Seed Grinder (Prague / CZ) was founded in the late 90s and plays an incredibly brutal mix of Death Metal and Grindcore. The band has played nearly 400 shows, 3 European tours, recorded 3 albums (2002 Talk Evolution, 2004 Oppressed Reality, 2008 Humanophobia) + various compilations and demos.  They have played alongside such legends as: Avulsed, Cannibal Corpse, Kataklysm, Hypocrisy, Dying Fetus, Misery Index, Mastic Scum, Sinister, Macabre, Krisiun, Immolation, Inhumate, Napalm Death, Vader, Rompemprop, Cock And Ball Torture and many more.

  • Poppy Seed Grinder


    Necromorph (Berlin / GER) was founded in 1995 and combines high speed drive with extremely groovy riffing to produce an energetic mixture of Grind / Crustcore, Thrash and Death Metal. Influences of old-school Swedish Death Metal / Grindcore bands as well as styles of more progressive bands are brought together in intelligent songstructures that always stay direct and without any convoluted bullshit. The band has shared the stage with, among lots of others, Regurgitate, Autoritär, Fleshless, Manos, Blood, Zimmers Hole, Hypnos, Amon Amarth, Desaster, Bathtub Shitter.

  • Spawn


    Spawn (Berlin / GER) was formed in 1998. After German and European tours with Krisiun, Cryptopsy and Heamorrhage, five albums and uncounted club and mainstage shows at festivals such as WithFullForce, Death Feast and others the band is stronger than ever in 2011 and an integral part of the German Death Metal scene. The massive mix of rolling Bolt Thrower elements mashed with brutal blast parts, hook-lines and deep grunts forms the basis for the variety of Spawn's songs. Currently, the band finished their upcoming EP „Burning Mighty Empires“, which will be the first part of a conceptional trilogy.

  • Declamatory


    Expressive and powerful is the way to describe the eclectic music of Declamatory (Berlin / GER), founded in the year 2000. Combining modern Heavy and Thrash Metal, the band always tries to push itself and its music to the limit. All-out party, the pure attitude of Heavy Metal and a high-value live performance full of raw energy is what the audience can expect when visiting one of Declamatory’s truly infamous concerts. This is the way they achieved a constantly growing and loyal discipleship, which obviously is the best proof of a bands's quality. Do yourself the favour of checking them out at:

  • Logar's Diary

    Logar's Diary

    Logar's Diary stands for masterly arranged melodic metal. The band composes it's music around the fantastic adventures of the magician Logar, which makes them a 100% concept band and every album a self-contained chapter on it's journey through Logar's quest. Although their music is often classified as power or symphonic metal it also contains elements of folk music and harder metal styles. Since their concerts impress with professional stage work and an amazing show, Logar's Diary attracts lovers of all kinds of different metal styles. Check their page at:

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